Bill Pope is a Gabriola Islander who has been serving Gabriola Islanders as clients for more than eleven years. This office was established with a focus on clients, and on serving those clients effectively and economically. Since the office’s door opened in the summer of 2005, hundreds of Gabriola Islanders have chosen Bill as their lawyer, and the office has continued to flourish from referrals from satisfied clients.

Many principles govern this practice, but here are some that come to mind as being particularly important:

  • professionalism, without intimidation
  • experience, without arrogance
  • compassion, without emotional involvement
  • community engagement, without reliance on specific businesses or institutions
  • independence, without detachment from other professionals
  • economy, without cutting corners
  • accessibility, without conflicts
  • commitment to Gabriola Island, without other office locations
  • casual appearance, without casual results or careless work-products
  • results, without increased stress

House calls? Of course!
I don’t have any off-island office in Nanaimo or Vancouver keeping me away from Gabriola Island. I do my best to be available when you need me, and I am open to making house calls to your home on Gabriola Island.
Let me know if you are unable to meet with me at my office, so we can arrange for a more convenient place (and time) to meet.

Feel free to explore this web site. Feel free, also, to get in touch with Bill for assistance in planning and settling the legal challenges that all of us face.

(yes, we know: there are missing links and incomplete text blocks in this web site; we also know it’s not that great an idea to have a web site “under construction”; still, there are advantages to having something published here, at least so you can get an idea of this office, and so you’ll be able to inquire further about the office’s services)

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